Lets meet another new design team member....Jennifer!

It's time to introduce you to another new member of the Time For Tea Designs Team!!!  Please join me in welcoming Jennifer Greco to the team!


Here is a bit about Jennifer:

Hello stamping lovelies! I'm Jennifer, and I am currently living in the Lake Country of Wisconsin, USA (brr...) with my family. My hubby and I have two boys...and one very spoiled cat! In most forum sites you can find me as {jennifer-g} because I'm just that much of an outside-the-box thinker! My days are split between the MILLION different full time jobs that are "Mom", and being the entire environmental management department for a concrete company. My NIGHTS are spent creating! I have been stamping, coloring, and covering all sorts of things with glitter for more than 17 years. I love all things crafty - it may not be cheaper than therapy, but it's SO much prettier! If I'm not in my craft room or having family time, I'm probably reading or having a Harry Potter/Star Wars/Marvel movie marathon (yes, again). I'm just thrilled to share my love and sparkles with you, and hope I can help inspire you with my projects. Stamp happy!

Crafty facts:
I LOVEEEE all the mixed-media projects I see, but I'm completely incapable of recreating them. Sad but true... I am primarily a cardmaker, and my favorite coloring medium is Copic Markers (I recently completed my set after a dozen years - squeeee!).


You can find more of her work on her blog and instagram accounts:

We look forward to seeing Jennifer's projects here on the blog and in our Facebook community!

Happy crafting!!!

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